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:bulletpink::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow:NEW DRESS UP!:bulletpink::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow:

Programation: Rutch

Drawings: By me

Link the game in web []:


Dress up characters ( Only females):
- Miku Hatsune
- Rin Kagamine
- Luka Megurine
- Meiko Sakine
- SF-A2 Miki
- Black Rock Shooter
- Teto kasane
- Miku Hagane
- Haku Yowane
- Neru Akita
- Miku Zatsune
- Aku Yamine
- Miku Tatsune
- Gumi Megpoid
- Macne nana
- And more versions...

With background options and final percentage.

Thanks! I waiting yours Screenshots ^v^
This is an absolutely gorgeous game. The art is so cute, and adorable, and the character designs are down pat! You've even gotten the little details, like the lights on Miku's armbands, and her skirt. Very beautiful job, very beautiful indeed.

It's very easy to find and pick outfits, and to customize it to make it exactly the character from many PVs, too! The amount of outfits you gave for Miku is wonderful, a great selection. I also like how you included Miki, even though she's not extremely popular like the rest of the Japanese Vocaloids.

My only complaint about this game is the fact that you forgot to add Haku's clothing. You have her hair, and her headset, but you forgot the entirety of her outfit! I think if you went back and added that in, then it would be much better than it is now!

Some things you could add, are some other outfits for the other characters too. We all know how popular Miku is, and how many songs and PVs she's in, but it's always a nice change to throw in a PV outfit for Rin, Meiko, or Luka.

Overall, I think this game was fantastic, and that you should keep up the great work on your dress up games!
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This is a wonderful game, and I absolutely love that all the characters were included, and that you also let a little of BRS and Akita Neru in there too. The game itself is time-consuming and has tons of unique options that I've found not many games on DeviantArt have now. Lots of people just go to a site where they find all the different outfits and characters, but you've truly made it your own. You drew everything on here, and I can tell that you really put a lot of time and effort into making this game.

However, I noticed only 1 thing. In the headphones, you had the pink butterfly (Of Miku & Luka's "Magnet) but you did not have the opposite blue one in which Luka wears; this is the only thing I've noticed, and of all the games I've played of DeviantArt about & themed by Vocaloid, yours is by far the best in my opinion.

-Dani8777 :D
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Submitted on
April 13, 2010
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